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Here Southern Business School application, forms, courses, fees, requirements in South Africa. Also know complete details of Southern Business School (SBS) Courses offered, Fee Structure, admission, Online application, Admission Requirements, degree, career opportunities, placement colleges, fees, eligibility, syllabus, subjects & salary package.





Find information about Southern Business School (SBS) Courses offered , including course description, requisites, and terms offered. Candidates can go through the list of Southern Business School (SBS) courses as it will help them to choose their preferred programmes they want to study, provided they should fulfill the eligibility criteria for Postgraduate and undergraduate programmes respectively. 


SBS college

Southern Business School (SBS) is a registered institution of higher learning that is a branch in Namibia. It aims at equipping learners with the relevant skills required for venturing in the interesting world of business. These are the details that a prospectus student should check out before enrolling:



Southern Business School (SBS) courses

The courses offered at the SBS college are divided into three different fields:

  • School of Business & Economics
  • School of Safety in Society
  • School of Law
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These are the various programmes that one could enrol for:

Higher Certificate in Management

  • Higher Certificate in Paralegal Studies
  • Diploma in Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Law
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Honours
  • Bachelor of Policing Practice
  • Bachelor of Policing Practice Honours
  • Master of Management – Option 1
  • Master of Management – Option 2
  • Master of Policing Practice – Option 1
  • Master of Policing Practice – Option 2

Southern Business School (SBS) admission requirements 2020

If you wish to enrol to the courses mentioned above, you will be required to meet the following requirements:

Higher Certificate courses

The minimum requirement for any of the higher certificate courses is a National Senior Certificate with a score of not less than 30% in English.

Diploma courses

For Diploma courses, one is required to possess a National Senior Certificate with a score of not less than 30% in English and an achievement rating of 3 or more in not less than 4 of the recognised credit subjects.

Degree courses

For degree courses, an applicant should have a National Senior Certificate with a score of not less than 30% in English and a rating of 4 in any four of the designated subjects. The designated subjects can be accessed by clicking here.

Other SBS admission requirements


Apart from the requirements listed above, applicants who wish to pursue Higher Certificate or Diploma courses are also required to have the following documents:

  • A certificate of matriculation obtained from the Matriculation Board.
  • If one does not possess a certificate of matriculation, they could use their documents which have been endorsed by the South African Certification Board to ascertain that they meet the equivalent qualifications.
  • If not, one could rely on their certificates only if they have been registered by NQF and confirmed to be equivalent to the required qualification.
  • The National Senior Certificate should not have less than five subjects or a set of five subjects in the higher or standard grade.
  • If an applicant happens to have passed any of the official languages with a lower grade, they will be required to apply for conditional admission.
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Conditional Admission

One qualifies for conditional admission if they meet the following qualifications:

  • They should be 23 years or above at the time of application. They should also possess Grade 10 or Standard 8 Certificate or any equivalent certificate. The applicant should also have served as a manager or a supervisor.
  • If the applicant secures a chance for admission to the Higher Certificate in Management, they will be required to only register a maximum of two subjects in their first semester of study.
  • If the applicant passes the two subjects during the first attempt, the application will be considered as normal registration.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


For cases where the applicant did not go through the appropriate learning formally, they could apply for recognition of the prior learning by contacting the institution for the required forms.

Subject Exemptions

The applicant is at liberty to apply for exemption for the subjects that they learnt in other registered institutions of Higher Education. The Southern Business School (SBS) Academic Board will review the application for exemption, and the decision that the board will make will be final.

Diploma and degree level applicants can only have a maximum of six subjects being exempted while for Higher Certificate and Advanced diploma applicants, only two subjects can be exempted.

Registration documents

If you opt to register to the Southern Business School (SBS), you will be required to have the following documents:

  • A certified copy of your South African Identification Document. Non-South African applicants will be required to present an equivalent identification document.
  • A certified copy of your Grade 12 certificate, National Senior Certificate or any equivalent qualification document.
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If an applicant qualifies for conditional registration, they will also be required to present a letter from their employer to prove the two years of working experience.

Southern Business School (SBS) application forms

If you are certain about the programme that you wish to pursue, you could proceed to the application process. The procedure involves downloading and filling in the application forms which are available here. Prospectus masters students can obtain the forms by clicking here.

Namibian prospectus students can access the Southern Business School (SBS) Namibia application form 2020 by clicking here.

Southern Business School (SBS) fees

The institution charges fees depending on the programme that one is pursuing. To find out more about the fees click here. Prospectus students from Namibia can access the fees by clicking here.

Southern Business School (SBS) contact details

The institution is open for applications. For inquiries and clarification regarding the process, a prospectus student could reach out to them through any of these contact details:

South Africa

If you are in South Africa, you could reach out through the following information:

Physical address: Plot 10, R28 Service Road, Diswilmar, Krugersdorp 1739

Postal address:

Private Bag X03



Email address: [email protected]


If you are in Namibia, you could reach through any of the following details:

Physical address: 24 Wagner Street, Windhoek West, Namibia

Postal address:

Private Bag 13026



Email address: [email protected]