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Northern Cape Department of Education (NCDOE) Admissions

Welcome to the Admissions Online Application System. Admissions for late applications are now open. Our VISION is to provide a transformed quality education system. Our MISSION is to deliver quality public education to all learners of the Northern Cape which will enable them to play a meaningful role in a dynamic, developmental and economic society.

Our VALUES include Transparency: Ensure access to information in line with all relevant legislation, Excellence: Striving towards outstanding standards of performance at all levels of delivery, Accountability: Remaining answerable to the public and oversight structures of the Northern Cape, Caring: Showing compassion for all our clients, Honesty: Displaying irreproachable levels of truthfulness, Integrity: Exceptional levels of honour, Needs-driven: Being finely attuned to the needs of our clients, Goal-directed: In pursuance of the long-term plans of the country

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