Makoye Secondary Box 670280

Nestled in the heart of Mazabuka district lies a beacon of education, Makoye Secondary School, a place where young minds are nurtured and dreams take flight. This article delves into the essence of Makoye Secondary, a name synonymous with quality education and holistic development.

Makoye Secondary Box 670280

Understanding Makoye Secondary Box 670280: An Overview

What is Makoye Secondary Box 670280?

Makoye Secondary Box 670280 refers to the postal address for Makoye Secondary School, a distinguished institution offering secondary education in Zambia’s Southern Province.

The Importance of Makoye Secondary Box 670280

The significance of Makoye Secondary extends beyond its physical location. It represents a community’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Makoye Secondary Box 670280

For more information about the school, including its history, academic programs, and admission process, visit the official Makoye Secondary School Facebook page.

Address and Contact Information

Makoye Secondary School can be found at 4JF7+47F, Mazabuka, Zambia. For inquiries, the school’s contact information is available on various educational directories and the official AfricaBizInfo listing.


Want to know about Makoye Secondary Box 670280 in Zambia? Also we have added Makoye Secondary Box 670280 ECZ Grade 12 Results and Zambia ECZ Grade 7 Results Links.

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Continue reading you will get also Contact Details, physical addresses, Telephone Numbers, email, fax, box numbers, and social media presence among other vital contacts to connect with this school.

Check Makoye Secondary Box 670280

School Fees.

  • For more details on fees please visit the school.


  • Not Available NOW we will update it soon.


Contact Details

Physical Address: Makoye Secondary Box 670280
Postal Address: Makoye Secondary Box 670280
P.O. Box , Makoye Secondary Box 670280
Telephone: –  Visit



For More details about this school please visit the link below and where also you will get the school phone number. (Search this school from the list)


Teachers: Not Available NOW we will update it soon.
Students : Not Available NOW we will update it soon.
Fees: YES
Boarding: Not reported
Specializations: Not reported


AnchorFacilities and Services

Library Yes
Housing Yes
Sport Facilities             Yes
Financial Aids Not reported
Study Abroad Yes
Distance Learning Not reported
Academic Counseling Not reported
Career Services Not reported
Institutional Hospital Not reported

Important : The information above is indicative only and may not be complete or up-to-date.

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Makoye Secondary School stands as a testament to the power of education. With its dedicated staff and supportive community, it continues to ignite the potential within each student, preparing them for a future as bright as their aspirations.

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